・Public Offering Research
 ・ Committee on Prestressed Concrete Hybrid Structure for Preventing Tsunami Disaster
 ・ Committee on Research and Design Guidelines for Prestressed Reinforced
   Concrete with Pretensioned High-Strength Rebar (finished in October, 2017)
 ・ Committee on Study of Prestressed Concrete Structure Capable of Supporting
   Large-Scale Natural Disasters (finished in March, 2018)
 ・ Research Committee on Structural Performance Elucidation and Effective Utilization
   Examination for Prestressed Concrete Members with Unbonded Prestressing Steel
   (finished in March, 2012)
 ・ Committee on Establishment of Restoration Design Method for Prestressed Concrete
   (finished in March, 2010)
 ・ Committee on Research of Actual Conditions of Prestressed Concrete Engineering
   (finished in October, 2010)