・ Technical Standard Committee
 The mission of this committee is to contribute to the development and dissemination
of prestressed concrete technology. The committee also maintains the standards of
design and construction of prestressed concrete structures and attempts the improvement
of durability, workability and the cost performance of prestressed concrete structures.
・Committee on Manuals for Maintenance of Prestressed Concrete Bridges
・Subcommittee on International Contribution of Japanese Standards and
・Committee on Guidelines for Durability Improvement and Maintenance of
 Prestressed Concrete Structure
・Committee on Standardization for Design and Construction of Concrete Structure
 (finished in September, 2011)
・Committee on Design and Construction of Cable-Stayed Bridge and Extradosed Bridge
 (finished in April, 2009)
・Committee on Design and Construction of Composite Bridge
 (finished in November, 2005)
・Committee on Design and Construction of Water Storage Cylindrical Prestressed Concrete
 (finished in November, 2005)
・Committee on Design and Construction of External Cable Bridge and Precast Segmental
 (finished in June, 2005)